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Hi, Terhardp! I thought I'd chime in.

I'm glad you liked the interview I did with GameSpot, and I hope it helped you in your process of beginning a composing and music production career. Your experience as a multidisciplinary musician should be tremendously helpful! I've played a number of instruments over the years, with my primary focus being keyboards and voice. It is always useful to be able to apply skills in multiple instruments to your recordings, so you already have a useful advantage.

Thanks again for the kind words about my interview. I appreciate your support!

Kind regards,

Winifred Phillips

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GameSpot Video Interview

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Originally Posted by terhardp View Post
Thanks for the video. This is the topic that really interests me, being a musician and the composer myself. The part where the composer interviewed talked about "tools needed" is especially important and inspiring for me, since I'm still struggling and learning the art of the composing and music production. I've started composing my own music only a couple of years ago, but I have over 20 years of experience as a player, primarily piano, keyboards and guitars (self-taught, started as a 6-year-old). I'm hoping to finish my first album of instrumental music soon. I also want to establish the efficient workflow, so that, in the future, I could potentially work on a project (film, documentary, game).
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