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Yes they are all good.

I love Disgaea and Pirates (if you mean Sid Meier's Pirates) is almost the best version of Pirates - PC being the best, but PSP version comes close (they improved on PC version, only thing holding it back is small screen)

I haven't played Jean 'D Arc, but they say if you love Disgaea and FF:Tactics you are gonna love that one.

Persona remakes started mediocre but improved quite a bit. Apparently Persona 3 Portable is among the best games on PSP.

Over the summer I'll probably also start with Persona 1 - 2 remakes.

Currently I'm playing Zettai Hero Project - Nippon Ichis take on roguelikes with many parodies of rpg tropes and their own Disgaea series.

After that I'm going after Tactics Ogre, Persona remakes or Ys remakes.
Actually there are quite good games on PSP, especially from SNES era that didn't come out of Japan.

P.S. Final Fantasy 4,5 & 6 (my favourite) are out!
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