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Default Guy Ripping of art...

I came over this guy on deviant art:

Apparently he claims to repaint scenes "frome some game" as he puts it so nicely.

But you can clearly see some flaws:
1. The left part of the cape is still showing in his picture.
2. The doorway is narrowed, cutting away the trees. Result of cutting out character.
3. The left of the stairs is clearly made of brick. But in his version it starts out as bricks but then suddenly becomes a plain wall were the character have stood.

This is a screen of the original scene:

Anyhow, i'm kinda mad at this. Especially when it is Bill Tillers work. Should at least credit him properly.

Anyone that can recognize any other pictures? I can with a few, but cant remember from where.

Anyway...Just had to ventilate myself haha

peace out!
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