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Sughly: The beauty of this remake is that the backdrops have basically been widedscreen all along. The padding was all used for the different guis. This means that the actual backdrop art still has (almost) the exact same aspect ratio as the original. Some hotspots will however have to move a little, as to not interfere with the popup guis. But I'm hoping there won't need to be any major nudging.

Regarding letterboxing or padding, that's totally up to what AGS can help me do. Since the entire AGS engine recently became open sourced, this means WE can meddle with the resolution. Questions is if we can figure out how to do it.

I appreciate your interest. Keep the questions coming!

Here's another new screenie from the devblog. I'm happily painting away on the new room backdrops while Henrik keeps playing around with our rendering pipeline. Mathias has started scratching his head delving into the spaghetti code of the AGS engine, and Markus is, well, busy with other things. 8)'

Man I'd love to give Bwana unique frames in here sort of squeezing his body together against the cold. What a truly bad idea.
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