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Originally Posted by Fantasysci5 View Post
Stupid "King's Bounty: The Legend"...I have a love/hate relationship with that game [...] The plot is awesome, and I freakin' love the characters, but since there's only so many troops you can buy, I run out of my favorites, and then feel at a loss at what I should use. I want an infinite amount of thorns, dang it!
Its designed that way to encourage careful planning, and investing in after battle skills that recover troops, and having troop types that can heal/resurrect.

...also to encourage trying new troop types. The variety is good, and nearly every troop is worth having in your army. Just be aware of morale, keep to friendly troop types or invest in morale skills. Happy troops crit more.

Early in the game you should have invested in scouting, 2 or 3 levels. Just so you know who to take on next...

Getting a ship first thing is a must, you can pick up a half dozen or more upgrades risk free in each new area just by sailing around and nabbing loot.

The easiest class in KB the legend is the mage. Built right, your army plays second fiddle to your spell book - plus you can heal too.

The hardest class in KB the legend is the warrior. You can recruit more troops at once, but it can be harder to keep them alive.

As new areas open up and quests are completed, older recruitment areas can change their available recruits and even restock their numbers. Castles in particular. When you reach the right rank, certain troops are available in infinite supply. Unfortunately by that time they're not nearly as worthwhile as your other available troop types and by then you've got the skills to make them last longer.

There is a MOD on 1Cs forum that instructs on how to change the male paladin model/portrait from The Legend, to the female paladin from the DEMO of armoured princess (if you don't have the full game). If that might encourage replaying the game.

Just reading about the game has me keen to reinstall AP and play it with another class.
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