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I sincerely hope they do not remake this game as there are so many other games I'd rather see them spend the effort on.

For one thing because, as has already been pointed out, this game still has very decent graphics to this day, much more so than older VGA games that do look very pixellated by todays standards (but I still love that look, of course).

Also, while I've always found it a quality game, this is where the Monkey Island series started taking a turn for the worse in my opinion. This is purely a matter of taste, I'm not saying anything else - but for me, this diverted too much from the first two Monkey Island games.
It almost felt like it could have been a different series entirely, only with a common theme.

And while I always found it a quality adventure game, it's still one of the Lucasarts adventure games I think appears somewhere near the bottom of the list when compared to their other adventure games.
Again, I think it's a very good adventure game, but Lucasarts pretty much only made excellent adventure games so in that kind of company, in my opinion it doesn't do all that well.
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