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Here's a new pic from the dev-blog! I just finished the interior of the cockpit, feels real good, this specific backdrop has haunted me a long time. I think it might have been one of the first backdrops I actually painted for the original prototype of JD, way before I actually new what I was doing, lol.

If you've played the prototype you'll likely spot a couple of differences, hopefully, to your liking!

jhetfield21: No, in the actual game you'll see the main character stroll around on the screen, similar to MI1,2,3 etc. The only reason you're not seeing him on these screens is since he still hasn't gone through our magic low-res to high-res filter. Check out the prototype if you're curious.

fov: OK thanks! I'll make a better introduction some time soon and hope a mod catches it and sticks it on top.

TechnoSpike: Thanks for the kind words! If you do try out the prototype, please, drop me a line with your feedback. I would appreciate it very much. Anything we can do to better the experience is of great interest to me. Thanks!
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