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Hi, Lagomorph:

Great thread (I have bookmarked it) and reviews. I grew up with adventures from both companies, Lucas and Sierra (I played Larry 1 and Maniac Mansion at the same time), so I don't have a preference for any one of them. I rather think they both have great games, ok games and bad games (well, maybe Lucas Arts doesn't have any bad games, but that's because -I think- they don't experiment as much with the genre as Sierra).

What I value the most about your comments is they attempt to be fair about the games without indulging in a nostalgic point of view, which would imply an exaggeration of the positive side, or criticizing them from a "Lucas games fan" point of view, that is, demanding the games to be just as Lucas´ ones (without deaths and dead ends).

In general, I share your opinions. For example, just as you, I find King's Quest 2 to be better than 1 and 3 better than 2, but I felt 4 to be not that good as 3. Regarding Larry games, if you liked the relation established between the player and Larry, you´ll find Larry 6 and 7 are specially great in this respect.

I can´t wait for the new reviews (I hope in the future you can comment Police Quest and Quest for Glory games; this last series is specially good, leaving aside the fifth game).
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