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Originally Posted by mart View Post
Come on, don't be apologetic and keep ranks please. Perhaps people - after months - may be a bit cynical about the reply and what you are willing to consider as a "honest mistake?" It's a bit unlikely. Problems with a contact form??? What has answering emails to do with that?
Well, no. I said I was speaking for myself. *I* see no reason to get abusive towards them. Anyone can make a mistake. And I was using the contact form on their site when I tried to contact them, so if that was broken somehow then it definitely has something to do with it.

Originally Posted by mart View Post
And: those who have (pre-)ordered can check their order. And if they can, Lace Mamba can do so as well.
This, however, I agree with. I still haven't received any explanation for why they didn't send all my games, although they will apparently send me a free game for compensation. I'm guessing I got the same response as smulan did.
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