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Hi everyone,
this is Claas from Lace Mamba Global. Jack Allin was so friendly to give us a heads-up on this thread, so I've been just made aware of what you are discussing here.
First of all, please accept my and our apologies for any inconvenience. It seems that there is some problem with our contact form, which we're working on now. For the time being, may I ask you to (re)send your emails, inquiries etc to [email protected] - and we'll take care to get everything sorted as fast as we can. Plus, we're happy to send you a free surprise gift as well, to at least make up some of the inconvenience you have experienced.

Please let us know if there's anything else we can help you with.

Apologies again, have a great day,


Claas Wolter
Head of PR & Marketing
Lace Mamba Global Ltd.
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