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Originally Posted by Stuart View Post
* May not be entirely accurate but definitely a dead-end where I couldn't get the stone, even following the walkthrough.
Like ozzie I replayed the game countless times and are almost 100% sure I forgot to take the stones from all possible places where you use them in the game. And they were always retrievable, even though there was often a great number of backtracking involved - especially in Atlantis.

Oh, and if you mean that guy in Tikal (the Mayan temple), he was supposed to get away with the stone - you don't need it at this point.

That said it's entirely possible that there's some rare, unusual dead end in the game that was missed in play-testing during production and got into the final version. But it definitely isn't there by design and most people didn't stumble upon it at all, so you might have had some really rotten luck.

Originally Posted by Stuart View Post
Speaking of which, is that Star Wars AG fan project still in development?
There are several Star Wars AG fan projects in the making like Han Solo Adventures, Shadows of the Empire. The only fan game of this sort finished so far is actually more of an RPG than an adventure game, but it was made with Adventure Game Studio. It's called Shai-La of the Sith:
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