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Originally Posted by tsa View Post
That's why I am strongly against referenda. People vote with their gut and not with their brain, and even when they vote with their brain they hardly know what they vote for. Besides, people will usually vote conservative so it's hard to imply radical but necessary changes. And another thing: here in the Netherlands it happened a few times that when the outcome of a referendum wasn't to the government's liking, they just ignored it.

It wasn't the earthquake that broke the power plant, it was the tsunami. The plant was still intact and immedeately shut down after the earthquake, which is why this disaster is not even close to Chernobyl in terms of 'badness.' Chernobyl exploded while running on full power and generating 400 MW, which is a disaster of a completely different kind than we have in Japan.
Tsunamis are earthquake produced. And that also raises the question of putting a reactor that close to the ocean in an earthquake zone. But I forgot that this was also the country that was still air testing nuclear weapons in the 70's.
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