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Originally Posted by Fantasysci5 View Post
Thanks so much, Intense!

Actually, I'm downloading the demo right now. And I don't mind dark/adult games at all. Those are usually my favorite in adventures. I think the reason I liked Fable more than Morrowind/Dragon Age was because they had an open world that was too overwhelming for me. At least I think right now. But no, I LOVE dark/adult-themed games!
I suggest Sims: Medieval. It's really fun, an interesting mix between questing and life simulator, and you can choose how much time you'll use on those two aspects. But then, the Sims is not very dark at all (well, I guess you could play it dark, by just throwing everyone into the pit).
I found it utterly amusing to watch my BFs monarch romance the visiting witch (quest) and get ill everytime he was in physical contact with her because she had a disease.
I'm currently having fun breaking all medieval customs, I have women in nearly all leader roles, and planning a same-sex marriage.
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