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Originally Posted by Fantasysci5 View Post
Hmm...Is "The Witcher" any good? Anything like Fable?
I really liked The Witcher, it's a great game, even if a little bit immature and silly in some things.

I've never played any of the Fable games, but I understand they are much lighter and happier then The Witcher so I would guess they are pretty different.

I saw in another thread you are struggling to get on with Morrowind (another game I loved!) and prefer the fable/sims type of game. If you want cheerful games I would steer clear of The Witcher. If, however, you are more put off by the way that Morrowind is a bit less personal, in terms of people to talk to and good/evil choices then The Witcher might be a good one to go for. Although you won't get a pet dog!

I think there is still a free demo knocking around somewhere which has most of the Intro/tutorial bit (a little bit boring) and the whole of chapter one (much better!).
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