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Originally Posted by Sotha View Post
the 90s was basically a toned down version of the 80s, no? Which, all things considered, was a good thing.

But really, I'm no expert on the 90's and 80's. I was born on the latter, experienced the former, but only gained an independent world-view after them. So my views aren't really realistic.

Of course, car design isn't the only aspect of design
(And on that subject, this to me is pretty much on the same level of interesting as that previous one, whatever car it may be (it's from the 80's though))

And I don't know what all those pictures are about, but as far as I know it was like that in the 80's too But like I said, I'm no expert. I find them both pretty horrible in style, but so do I also find the 70's, 60's, 50's etc. There are of course some aspects in each era more appealing than elsewhere, but overall for example clothing is pretty horrid all-round.

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