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Originally Posted by marvio View Post
Was there anything in the story that would lead you to believe this was anything but Angela screwing with Styles? I certainly didn't catch it? Here's my main problem. Why Angela? How did Styles knew her father? What's the connection there? Like I said, maybe I just totally missed something?

Even if those were explained, still is a rather flat/anti-cliamatic ending for a story which could have gone somewhere very interesting.
I can totally understand if the ending feels anti-climatic and people can be somewhat disappointed, it is a matter of taste. I don't believe it is downright horrible though and while it could have gone another way it is rather hard to build up a grand finale that would satisfy all the people.

Of course there isn't any real evidence about Laura because you can choose to dismiss her or you can choose to believe she was all the time behind the cellar message and the memory sequences etc. Or then something in between. That's the beauty of it. Some people thought it to be "obvious" that the message in basement was a warning from Laura about Angela. Then again it could have been Angela's plan to get Styles distrust Sam. Plenty of stuff that could go either way and it's just a matter of what the player chooses to believe. Some people might consider them plot holes but I like that there's some room for your own interpretation.

It was also told pretty clearly how Angela became obsessed with Styles. The beautiful glamour couple, a professor that lectured to her about psychic powers. With tragic past and Styles dismissing her as a prankster when she was seeking help and then accidentally killing Laura... Her father had the same power and his magic tricks weren't brilliant illusions at all. I don't recall connection with the father and Styles.

Originally Posted by marvio View Post
Question, how do you reveal the "spoilers" without replying to the message? (kinda like our own adventure game puzzle here )
Just highlight them. Unless you have some really weird board settings it should be that simple.
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