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Originally Posted by millenia View Post
[spoiler]It was left unclear how much of the stuff was because of Angela and how much because of Laura. It was only a few things but for those who want to believe that Laura was with Styles the whole time helping him it is certainly a possibility while others can interpret it so that there really was no ghost at all, only Angela and Styles' memories.[/spoilr]e

The plot itself was cleared up pretty good and I didn't find it so disappointing. I wasn't amazed or in love with the ending but I really don't get all the hate either.
Was there anything in the story that would lead you to believe this was anything but Angela screwing with Styles? I certainly didn't catch it? Here's my main problem. Why Angela? How did Styles knew her father? What's the connection there? Like I said, maybe I just totally missed something?

Even if those were explained, still is a rather flat/anti-cliamatic ending for a story which could have gone somewhere very interesting.
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