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Originally Posted by grayscavenger View Post
This is the best game I have played since Gabriel Knight 3. (Fitting, I suppose) I live in Spain so I had to play with Spanish text so some of the puzzles were weird...but still awesome.

I for one loved the ending...
I really liked how the ending left it open for you to think, but it wasn't so open that you were cursing at the screen.
I think one of the mistakes they made was that Angela's Scottish accent is way too obvious in the flashback...they could have made her voice deep or something..

What saddens me is that this adventure was probably supposed to be for Gabriel Knight because I remember Jane Jensen saying that Gabriel's next adventure would be about a haunting and Gray Matter deals with it.
And Gabriel and Grace, especially Grace, were much much better characters than Samantha and Dr. Styles.

Any thoughts about what supernatural thing the sequel will talk about? Bride of Frankenstein seems to imply bringing back the dead. Can you really find that much pseudoscience about bringing back the dead? I wonder...

Really? I thought the ending was just flat, and didn't really leave anything to the imagination, which I would be fine with me, but left huge plot holes.
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