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Maybe I'm just dumb, but didn't the ending left a lot un-explained?

I played this game in two short bursts, but there was a gap of a week between them, so maybe I just forgot about something which happened in the first half of the game that explains the ending?

I remember being very excited throughout the game, the story was developing very nicely, but right at the end, and I mean the very end, everything just falls appart.

Little disappointed.

Also, I didn't mind the cut scenes through the game, but the later half, specially in the deadalus club, and the last one, I feel it would be better served if they were fully animated. I didn't mind the magic tricks at all, I have no idea why they were there, but didn't mind it; It was just way too easy, correction, for something to be easy it still has to pose some kind of challenge, the magic tricks were actually no challenge at all! Everything was spelled out for you, even bolded, all you had to do was to point and click your way through, pointless, but fast enough that I didn't find it annoying.

Is it to early still for spoilers? I really want to ask the questions about the end of the game...
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