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Originally Posted by tsa View Post
I don't agree with that Uptimist. Look at the 80s: we had those cool, sterile interiours back then, some nice cars, interesting video clips on TV, hairstyles, etc etc. In the 1990s people missed the cosiness of the 1970s a bit and suddenly you had to have old stuff in your house, have rusty things all over the place, and don't get me started about the cars! Boring boring boring.
Well yeah, but you're a product of that time. I don't find the 80's any more appealing than the 90's.

In the 90's people rejected the 80's (though that's exaggeration but still) and looked to the 70's then. In the 80's there were other ideals. I caricaturized the situation, but it's still there
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