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Originally Posted by Luna Sevithiainen View Post
Oooh! It's purple! I love purple!

What is it supposed to be?
Originally Posted by Jelena View Post
Is that one of the Mumin characters?
But of course it is! Muumimörkö, Mårran or the Groke.

You wouldn't believe how scary she (according to the English Wiki) was for a child. Didn't scare you to stop posting though, unfortunately...

I'm a bit shocked you didn't know that. They are, after all, most likely the best children's tales in the world, the Moomin (Muumit, in Finnish though it's originally in Swedish since Tove Jansson was Finnish-Swedish) And pretty darn well-known too, though of course in Finland it's such a part of the culture that it's just odd to even think about everyone not knowing it. Then again, one of Finland's main sources of tourism are the Japanese (and to a smaller extent also British etc.) coming after all things Moomin.

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