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Originally Posted by Trunkyo View Post
Yes folks, it's time for yet another TMD! poll.

If you would like to see RLacey and Giligan dress up like babies and have a no-holds-barred pillowfight, please press the green square on your screen.

If you would like to see Squinky and Fantasysci5 have a no-mercy snowball fight while dressed up like sumo wrestlers, please press the red square on your screen.

If you would like to see tsa and bulldog face off against UPtimist and Jelena in a co-ed crossdressing black-tie roller derby match, press the blue square on your screen.

Polls will be open until 12:01 am on Monday, February 28th. VOTE NOW!!!
I pressed the red square as hard as I could but nothing happened, except that my screen is now broken.
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