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OK so the movie is named after me. However I can neither confirm nor deny that I'm a pot smoking, crude and very funny grey alien looking for my way home.

However that is exactly what the titular character from this movie is.

From the actor who brought you Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, this is Simon Pegg and Nick Frosts homage to the the comic book and nerd fanbase that have supported them over the years.

It starts slowly at Comic-Con, where the pair start their geek road trip of America, and proceeds throught he backwaters of midwest America's UFO hotspots. The movie only really hits high gear after a road accident the pick up an unusual hitchhiker. Paul the grey alien, who smokes weed, drinks and is rude crude and most importantly funny as hell. (Damn who though Seth Rogan could be funny)

Full of fun and nerdy refences to comics and sci-fi movies (From Invincible t-shirts and spawn comics to the Cantina theme in a biker bar to the obvious Alien joke and a hilarious voice cameo from ........ I ain't telling) this movie lives or dies on how much you like Seth Rogan and the performance of the CGI alien.

I loved it.
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