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Default I also need help with a game's name

I am also trying to identify an adventure game, not so recent one, probably years old, but on PC (rough estimate about year 2000 +/- year or so. It was a horror story, you start in a family home seemingly in US gold age of 1950’s.

On a first walk around the town, everything seems normal, but many characters you meet are actually with very dark secrets. I remember one of the goals was to open a parent’s bedroom, (character’s mother says “your” father sleeps there and you hear his moans), and when you eventually do, you find room full of some bizarre sex toys and “father” bandaged. I have few more flashbacks from the game, like a family TV showing 50’s cartoons while character "remembers" that TV's were also in color , some strange guy adoring his car etc…

So…help, please ...
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