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I had The Hobbit too but as a kid I didn't have the patience for text adventures (to be honest even as an adult they have to be really, really good to hold my attention and not irritate me with trying a dozen variations on the same word) and after a few minutes of serious attempts I ended up trying silly things before getting tired of that as well. so the first adventure game I really had a proper play with was on the Amiga, Secret of Monkey Island. after that I jumped through every hoop I could to get Loom, Zak McKraken, Indy, Maniac Mansion and any other Lucas Film adventure game. then of course I discovered Sierra, and the few Microprose games (Dragonsphere is still one of my favourites) and of course Revolution showed up with Lure of the Temptress followed by the amazing Beneath A Steel Sky... I picked a good time to discover the genre
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