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I never had a computer as a kid so initially I joined a friend with a C64 to play (or rather attempt to play) Maniac Mansion, Hitchhikers Guide through the Galaxy, Leisure Suit Larry and such (probably Space Quest, too). There was a tough language barrier to overcome so the main quest for most of the time was finding the exact commands to get things done.

In or around '87 I got an Atari 130XE and one of the two games I ever bought was 'HACKER' which in some ways qualifies as an AG. I don't think I finished it, though. The satellite always got me when I was 'invisible'. But at least I managed to decipher the message (together with the friend I mentioned earlier) by piecing together different parts that I had gathered in different runs of the game.

(My other game was Ghostbusters which was extremely boring).

I did try to program an AG in Basic on the Atari with graphics, sound and all but I only got as far as the intro and two locations that could be exited in the four directions of a compass. The thing was called (translated): The Mystery of the Maginot Line.

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