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Default What was your first adventure game?

I started off way long ago. I was given a 16k ZX Spectrum for Xmas 1982, and one of the games was Melbourne House's "The Hobbit". The writing was awful, the graphics were terrible and I was thoroughly entranced. I was Bilbo freaking Baggins!!! I was there with Gandalf and Thorin (who did a great deal of nothing apart from sing about gold) and I was fighting goblins, meeting elves and seeking a dragons treasure! Epic stuff to a 9 year old.

Since then the adventure game genre has sucked me in the same way that the Death Star did to the Millenium Falcon; no breaking away!

EDIT: I just found this site:

It seems to let you play those games of yesteryear such as The Hobbit, Lords of Midnight, Colossal Adventure etc in a flash window. Hope this doesn't break any rules.

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