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Originally Posted by valypan View Post
Hidden object players are supposed to move towards adventure gaming, not the other way around!
Well, that's interesting theme to think of. It's also significant to what you're used to. But if someone never played an adventure game and plays casual game, will he/she be able to adopt more complex gameplay and puzzles? Or is it easier to seasoned adventure game player to play casual game?

And another question that comes to mind - are adventure games becoming casual, or is it vice versa? I don't really know the answer, but there are some things that are obvious. For example, full-fledged adventure games more and more incorporate in-game hints, or puzzles that are related only to one locations, more and more linear gameplay etc. However, casual games more and more tend to "distance" or disguise their origins of pure hidden object finding, and more and more incorporate things like inventory, though-out story, puzzles that require you to visit several locations or combine items, dialogs etc.

So, the real answer might be somewhere in the middle.
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