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I finished The Secret of Mana on the SNES yesterday and have moved onto Dragon's Quest IX on the Nintendo DS.

Great game, The Secret of Mana, although you have to ween into it more than ChronoTrigger and get used to the choppy flow of the game that seems to throw boss fight after boss fight at you. It's an imaginative world though and it gets quite incredible as you go on. I had some glitchy issues here and there but other than that a classic action RPG.

Dragon's Quest IX is amazing so far - some of the interaction just puts a big smile on my face and it's a pretty risky theme woven into the game about religion. I know I'm going to love this game. I think Level-5 has to be one of my favourite all time developers up there with Capcom, Gremlin and LucasArts (the old LucasArts just like the old George Lucas).
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