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I already own FF7 & FF9. The first I haven't played for twelve years, but I liked it back then. The second I just own, but I've barely tried it on my PS3 where it looks barely ok on my 46" LED.

However you make an excellent point regarding me wasting money on games I have already have played (I haven't played Grandia, Abe's or Vagrant Story though).

Basically I like games where I don't have to grind too much. I don't really like random encounters either, but I can stomach them if there aren't too many of them. Final Fantasy games have too many of them and while I could handle that twelve years ago I don't really have that patience any more. I also appreciate being able to save often (PSP software suspend does however seem to solve it for me) as I nowadays have a kid to take care of and need to be able to put the game down at any time. Also a good captivating story to motivate me through the grind is also a plus.


Like: Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy 7 (mostly due to the story line), Chrono Trigger, Grandia 2, Persona 3

Dislike: Final Fantasy 4, Dragon Quest 4, Pixeljunk Monsters (there are better TD games out there)

So apart for Crimson Saga what do you recommend? I've already bought Jeanne D'Arc, Patapon 2, Peace Walker, Half Minute Hero and No heroes allowed. Most of them I got dirt cheap as the PSP seem to be dying in my country...
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