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Hello Fien,

I usually don't know who my proofreaders - or rather native final editors - are. But I believe this time it was someone from the US (when I started translating the deal was still with Merscom, I reckon). For some reason I never ask either. Probably to keep myself from worrying too much about possible scrutiny by some 'pro' and to stay with my own creative flow. It might be a good thing too that I'm not really deep into the AG business either. Keeps my mind on the task at hand which is strictly linguistic without having to worry about anything concerning technicalities. These are for my editors/proofreaders/quality managers to ponder.

I sure hope the result is not only presentable but also that the humor of the translation strikes the right tone with the majority of gamers and everyone enjoys the dialogue as much as I enjoyed translating it.

As for the final editor ... I guess we both have to wait till we hold our respective copies in our hands and we can look it up in the booklet.

Cheers, Dan.
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