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Default TAB: Old Skool Interactive Fiction Maker for Windows


To those forum members who may be interested:
The thinBASIC Adventure Builder (aka T.A.B.) is my adventure creator project for Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/Vista/7 currently at Alpha stage.

thinBASIC Adventure Builder Home Page. ScreenShots. Download the TAB Editor, the TAB Player and some games and demos. (3.48mb zip)

TAB is not meant to compete with the likes of INFORM, TADS, HUGO, ADRIFT etc. It is a personal project which I am sharing *FREE* with the Interactive Fiction community at large.

TAB operates on similar principles to popular retro adventure creators such as STAC, GAC, CAT, Quill, PAW or ACE. It has an IDE editor to enter adventure data and interprets parser commands using a condition/action 'language'. It is being developed with the thinBASIC scripting language.

Some Screenshots here:

Version History Change Log here:

Only the freely distributable 'TAB Player' is needed to run any TAB games made using the TAB Editor.

Sound and music supported: mp3, ogg, wav, aiff, mod.
Graphics supported: jpg, gif, bmp, png.

There is also a FORUM and a Yahoo email user group.

Some Youtube videoclips here:
TAB Player -
TAB Editor -
Graphic Mode -

Latest Release
03 Aug 2010 (Release 58)

Have fun,
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