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This reminds me of a certain exchange from GK2, where Grace explains to an overenthusiastic customer in the bookstore who wanted to see the author (Gabriel), something to the effect of: "I wouldn't bother. He's very shy. It's his face. There was an accident."
Ha, I recently replayed the opening of GK2 and noticed that. I'm a writer and sometimes notice myself writing / rewriting the same themes or scenarios in different stories. I wonder if this was a coincidence, or if it's an idea Jane has been playing with for a while...

Ascovel, that's how I wanted to interpret it, but Sam's reaction threw me off. I wish it had been a bit more clear. Another unanswered question:

Why does the original assistant run off at the beginning? I thought it was because Sam did an illusion to scare her, particularly because of what we see her do later, at the Daedalus club, with the birds.

Did anyone else interpret the opening this way?
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