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Originally Posted by Tiocfaidh View Post
What to enter posed the problem.

Ah now I see, thanks ! But why...
does the puzzle feature so many images plus + & - then ?
I havenīt thought about consulting the riddle again. Itīs a diversion !

Once assembled, the puzzle pieces form a Rebus.
Basically what you need to do is figure out what the image represents, then from that word remove all letters marked with a "minus" and add all those marked with a "plus". The result could be slightly mis-spelt, but it it should convey a pretty clear message. That will tell you where you'll find the device to enter the keyword.
The hints for what such keyword might be are instead at the end of the Riddle.

Finding the keyword might take out-of-game-universe knowledge, but if I remember correctly the same piece of information may be found in-game as well. I don't think finding that information acts as a trigger, so if you think you already know what the solution to the last part of the riddle might be, you can go ahead and enter it, even if "Sam" doesn't know.
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