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Finally started the game today, couple of hours ago.

As a huge Gabriel Knight fan I am very pleased with the game so far.
Especially after the mixed reactions certain aspects of the game provoked.

I think the character animations are fine (with a few exceptions, breakfast anyone ?)
Background graphics/animations superb.
Music sometimes very "knightish", which of course is a plus.
The dialogue portraits look strange though.

Canīt say that I was bored despite having read reviews claiming that the first two chapters are very "slow".
Iīm about 50 percent through the 2nd chapter and wasnīt bored yet

Cutscenes are another story but I have been forewarned and accept them for what they are.
They have a unique style, thatīs for sure.
Was afraid about the Magic tricks but enjoyed them so far.

Have to continue now
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