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Originally Posted by Dwagginz View Post
I'll buy it, certainly, but I'm not going to let the demo marr my view of the game. It seemed disjointed and completely out of context (As did the TLJ demo when I played that), and I can't use it as a base for how the game truly is.

I just hope the part where she picks up the rabbit is fixed. That made me go "What?".
I agree it was a really weird way to "demo" the game. I agree entirely that David's portion being completely bereft of any direction or context made for a bad way to showcase the game. Once I completed the demo I had a better idea of the mechanics they were going for...but until then it was wander aimlessly around the house until you happen to make something happen. The demo really should have started with a bit of dialog from David indicating his objectives for the day.

As to the Rabbit I agree as well. It's bizarre and completely disjointing. I stopped playing the game on PC because it runs poorly for me (need a new video card) and I thought the rabbit scene was the result this...then I played the 360 version and was surprised to see it again. I really hope the dev takes the time to fix things like this and address the control issues prior to a US release in February (or whenever it's happening). There's so much potential for this game with just a little more polish.
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