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The demo starts at the very beginning of the game with the opening cutscene and tutorial (Sam feeding Houdini). After that it switches to chapter 3, which is the first chapter where you play as David. It's the first time in the game where you start to learn about
his psi experiments and what happened to his wife,
so from that perspective it's a good introduction to his story. (As far as there being no direction or hints about what to do, that's pretty much the case throughout the game...) But it's not the whole chapter -- some tasks have been completed for you -- and depending on what order you do things, the demo can end abruptly.

I think they did a decent job carving out a self-contained experience from a game that doesn't really lend itself to that, but it is a bit awkward. Sam is the playable character for most of the game, so it would have been nice to play a bit more of her in the demo. But Gray Matter's first two chapters (where Sam is the playable character) are pretty slowly paced and non-linear, so I can understand why they chose to show part of chapter 3 instead.

Originally Posted by Ascovel
All I can say for now is that it's a very interesting experience, but it also has a great number of flaws. Already the very awkward interface is diminishing the pleasure of playing the game considerably.

However, there's lots to like as well and there is no doubt that I'm very happy to be able to play a proper new Jane Jensen adventure game again.
This is more or less how I felt... I was very happy to be playing it, but even the great story and the magic of playing a new Jane Jensen game couldn't make up for the flaws. My review will be up on AG soon...
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