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I've played the 360 demo as well and basically have the same concerns.

-The sound is adjustable in the options but noting actually changes. The music is powerfully loud compared to the audio and during some scenes the spoken dialog literally cannot be discerned.

-The font type is really hard to read. Even on my 57" HD Screen the font is very difficult to make out, especially on the radial dial. It needs to be increased in size or bordered better. It's almost like watching old Hong Kong films with the white subtitles at the bottom that you could only read 2 of every 3 words.

-I actually appreciate the ability to walk but it needs tweaking. The devs need to simply implement the ability to press A when you come upon a hot spot to allow interaction (like the console ports of Syberia). Walking up to an object then bringing up the radial dial and having to scroll around to find the choice to interact with what's right in front of you is a bad design decision. It literally kills the immersion. Keep the radial dial, it works fine as a mouse substitute for players who don’t want to maneuver the characters and will actually make the experience easier for players not as familiar with the genre. But allow those of us who want to walk up to an object and interact with it (ala the recent Monkey Island 2 remake) the ability to do so. Please! I also still think the option to choose to use an entirely classic point and click style also (ala MI 2:SE) would work well.

That said I loved the demo. The game looks absolutely beautiful on my 57" Hitachi HDTV and I can't wait to play the final version on my 360. Now can we just get confirmation that the game is coming to the US? Oh and a nice collector’s edition like the German version (except for both PC and 360) would be really nice too; even if it’s an online-order-only deal.
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