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Originally Posted by diego View Post
Heavy Rain is great and gripping game, but as said many times before - it's more of an interactive movie and an offpring to adventure game with emphasis on the story. Since interactive movies existed since early 90's it's nothing groundbreaking even it's a fantastic game.

So, while Gabriel Knight 2 for example is also a sort of interactive movie the reason why we call it adventure game and not interactive movie is because of many puzzles integrated into the story.
That's stretching the definition of an interactive movie. GK2 is a series of stills with an avatar walking across the screen. An interactive movie MOVES, if you know what I mean. Non-stop. The Psychic Detective is an interactive movie, so is Tender Loving Care. Bad Day on the Midway and Fahrenheit too I suppose (because the game goes on if you don't do anything), and I might even consider calling The Last Express one. But by your definition every single adventure is an interactive movie with lots of stops so the player can solve puzzles.
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