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Originally Posted by Sylvaedawn View Post

Also Downfall and The White Chamber (free download: FilePlanet) look very promising but I haven't played them yet.

Downfall isnt really scary, just disturbing (and very bloody). I thought it was a very good game with flaws (very quick summary: Pros - Fantastic, sometimes profound story, some clever, non-linear gameplay, disturbing atmosphere, genuine humour at times (not the forced Lucas arts style stuff), spartan but nice soundtrack, fantasticly conceived system of alternative endings. Cons - Terrible sound effects, low resolution, amateur character animations, sometimes tasteless content (which can mar the fore-mentioned profound content), childish, Hollywood stlye overuse of swearwords in the dialogue, no voice acting (and dialogue written in a difficult font), inventory type gameplay is of the bog-standard level)

I would definately reccomend it but it's not what I would call scary.

Conversly, I would say it has one of the sexiest scenes I have encountered in a game. Obviously I won't give spoilers but I guess anyone who has played it will know the bit I mean.
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