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Originally Posted by millenia View Post
Huh? Someone thought she vanished? I agree that the cut scenes are not as clear as day but honestly, you guys must have exeptional imagination to interpret all kinds of weird stuff. What happens is pretty damn clear all the time, just a couple of points where you might mix up characters but they are not really anything crucial, like a surprised face or something.

But yeah, everyone has a right to dislike them. I think they worked pretty well with the atmosphere but wouldn't have minded "real" cutscenes at all.

No it isn't unanimous. GK games are widely respected but they are old classics already. Not everyone loved them back then and no, not everyone loves them even now.

Honestly I felt the story of a good writer right away. I've been playing quite many adventures recently and most of them are somewhat entertaining but GM was right away in a completely different level. I could feel the quality right from the beginning.

Not every story pleases everyone but I'd really want to know what was so horrible about this then, there mostly seems to be very emotional negative responses about the story: "it was horrible!" which to me seems like an overreaction.

The theme, characters and style is different to GK games and GK fans (includes me) should accept that. It is not going to be like GK and I am happy Jensen does something else too. GK4 would still be welcome.
Not even Jesus was complety unanimous. In that sense nobody is or will ever be. I think you know what I am talking about.

Sorry, but I can't understand what quality you felt since the beginning. This can be a matter of taste. Well, I felt nothing special about the story. Not even interesting. Honestly, I played the game until the end just to see if I am mistaken or not.

In my view Gray Matter would be just another regular adventure if it was not made by Jane Jansen and if it wore not so anticipated for so many (and long) years.

But I think I am not overreacting. I'm just saying this game is not as good I was expectig.
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