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Originally Posted by zane View Post
But im not talking about the mystery of the story. When the assistant gets scared in the intro it looks like she vanished, like something took her. But in actuality she goes to the car and drives away. You dont see her walking. You dont see clearly what she was looking at. This isnt a relevant story point, just poorly executed animations.
Originally Posted by millenia View Post
Huh? Someone thought she vanished? I agree that the cut scenes are not as clear as day but honestly, you guys must have exeptional imagination to interpret all kinds of weird stuff. What happens is pretty damn clear all the time, just a couple of points where you might mix up characters but they are not really anything crucial, like a surprised face or something...
Well, I'm not very far into the story yet to draw any final conclusions, but I did believe and thought I saw her vanishing, taken by some entity.

Thanks for clearing that up, zane. I'm an old seasoned player with good eyesight and excellent monitor. If I can get it so wrong the animations cannot exactly be top notch.

And with regards to the cutscenes, to me it looks like cardboard cutouts thats is moved inside a shoebox, with some digital effects added afterwards (smoke etc). Yes I think they're that bad, but by no means a killer of the game. They're not adding but subtracting to the atmosphere for me.

Still. I will do what I can to support JJ efforts if they are interesting enough, and Gray Matter is that and then some, at least for me.
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