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Playing using WinXP without any problems whatsoever.

The cutscenes are very, very crude, which is a bit sad, but ok in the grande scheme of things.

I feel like I'm playing a Jane Jensen-game, but beacuse of the near zero budget compared to her earlier attempts, it becomes another experience. I would recommended it, without a doubt, to adventure lovers. But I still hope that Jane will once again be able to show her talents, unrestricted. GN2 is still a milestone in adventuring, imho.

Originally Posted by UK_John View Post
Maybe it coded for Window 7? And it's XP it doesn't like. I did re-download and re-install it again, even making sure I downloaded it from another site!

And don't tell me it's my PC when this demo if giving memory errors, which is always specific to the code! The problem is, for every person like me who comes here and tells you the problem, there's 100 that will try it, have the same problems and will then just uninstall and move on, never bothering to tell anyone. this is especially true of smaller games from smaller companies.

So if I can run every other game I have install fine, if all my drivers are up to date, and given this game dos not push any hardware like when I play Crysis or Oblivion, means it should be fairly simple fairly stable code. It isn't.
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