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Originally Posted by pizzo View Post
Have you tried the basic thing, that is, update drivers, DirectX, etc? Those are the most common causes of issues.

My PC runs Win 7 64 bits. Everything works fine.

Or, maibe, in your case, it coud be a problem with the demo version itself.
The demo includes a DirectX install, so I know I have the latest DirectX drivers! I have the latest 10.10 ATI drivers alrady,and when you get memory exceptions in the game.exe and that causes memory errors in task manager,you know you have code that is barley working! If it is the demo, then who the heck is going to buy the game? I won;t because in the UK you cannot bring the game back for a refund after the seal is broken!

I am running XP Pro SP3and that is a general system that many will be playing Gray Matter on!
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