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Originally Posted by pizzo View Post
I had no tecnical problem with Gray Matter.

I also dont complain about bad animations or graphics. It is not so bad.

What makes the game not so good is the story (in my opinion, of course). I think the story is uninteresting and so the characters. The script of the game is childish and predictable. Jane Jensen is a proffessional writer, so I would expect more about the game's story.

Ok, that's only my personal opinion. And I may be wrong. But the fact is this: I did not have any fun playing the game.
I re-downloaded and reinstalled the demo and still had problems. First time I asked your character to go to the rabbit clean crash to desktop with no error message. I try again and this time I get a clean crash to desktop just clicking on the backpack after I got the rabbit. Now, when I try to start the demo I get a Microsoft error reporting box! At no point did I change any options on my PC or in-game and yet each time I got it to start I got an error in a different place!
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