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here are my thoughts after reading some of the posts and having completed the game.

There might be stiff animations,ok but the rest is really good.this is an adventure game you dont need fancy graphics or anything.maybe it would have been better if it had animations like Syberia,again ok.but apart from that you dont need anything else.
pre rendered graphics are fine.also this is a reason we get to see all those beautiful backgrounds.

the game was really good.after playing a little i was into it and didn't want to stop.that's what matters in an adventure game.

about the way sam runs,so what like it's any different from every other adventure game.and in the end you shouldn't have to run all the's an adventure game there is no sense of time unless you do the required actions-triggers to proceed(excluding the points in games where you actually have a clock and have to act fast but those are few and not in every game).

and to repeat it once more it's an have to remember what key characteristics this genre has otherwise you are bound to whine.those are what define a great adventure game.every thing else its just personal opinion and pros for a review.
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