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Heya stepurhan,
i'll try to shortly answer your questions:

game is designed for 3-5 players, we'll be using lobby system, so first 3 players who gets into lobby will be able to start the game. we'll be encouraging players to wait for more players for more interesting scenarios and interaction among players.

once you choose your character you will be playing his/her role for the whole time of the game.

players will be able to attack each other as part of different scenarios and missions. in many situations you will have to cooperate with other players to survive or complete a mission. However we know that some players dont like to depend on others so they will be able to accomplish scenarios by themselves as well.

if you have any more questions or comment, please just shoot ... we'll be happy to answer

we'll keep updating the site with more news and development updates

and thank you for your interest =)
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