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Originally Posted by Hannes View Post
Any game that has a loading screen like in GM suffers from the same problem: you either miss the texts or they're on your screen for ages.
Yes. You don't seem to understand that's why it's a BAD IDEA to put info or nice little tidbits on screens which most people will not be able to read.

Well, how else do you explain that my year old laptop runs the game perfectly and the load screens go by fast, while others' don't? What else could it be, other than the specs? I get the feeling you just really wanna rant about something.
Sorry, but that's nonsense. Many, many possibilities besides specs. Wizarbox was to blame for the problems with So Blonde, there was never any doubt about it. *

You're mistaking my sarcastic tone for bitterness. And I don't like being patronized by people telling me I should stop playing the game, stop whining, donate money, when I have legitimate criticism. I can live with the animation. I realize we will see more and more casualised cutscenes. Low production values and all that. But the gameplay issues are design flaws I find seriously annoying.

*EDIT: Daedalic's A New Beginning is unplayable on my three-year old computer. Literally. After the first screen the game crashes. My specs not good enough? Ha! I can play it on my six-year old XP machine. The loading times are far worse than So Blonde though but I can play it if I have all the time in the world. Am I the only one? You should read what other people have to say about it on German forums.

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