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Originally Posted by ncf1 View Post
I admit, its been such a long time coming, this game has, that expectations are ridiculously high. As I relax into it a bit more and simply enjoy it, this adventure is simply a class above; its the best adventure game in years and I think as the dust settles a bit it will be thought of as another Jane Jensen classic.
I absolutely agree. Someone said Syberia is far better than this.. I disagree 100%. Syberia had cool graphics and it was longer, but lacked in the story side; Syberia was filled with story "shortcuts" and rushed even.

Originally Posted by Phod View Post
If you play adventure games for cutting edge visuals and flawless animation then yeah, Gray Matter ain't your thing.
I agree with your points as well. Then again, if you play adventure games for cutting edge visuals, you're screwed, as they don't really exist. Expect an adventure game, not a big budget Hollywood-graphics and you can't go wrong with this.

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