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Finished too, dead tired but couldn't leave it waiting for tomorrow.

It's simply the best adventure game of the decade. 5/5

The game only had two flaws: the clumsy animations and at least at one point I managed to do an action that I got a clue for afterwards.
I pushed the professor about the affair with Sherry before hearing the phone conversation

And those are hardly flaws in a superb adventure like this.

I think the game was a bit on the easier side but clearly felt more like a game than most of the recent adventures that have been closer to super easy. The puzzles were much more fun and the characters and dialogue is just on the different level than most of the adventures I've played in years.

Bot protagonists are great and all the relationships in the game are just juicy. Jane has a great sense of humour that doesn't spoil a "serious game". And there is enough suspense to make the game exciting but it never turns into horror (I dislike most horror games because honestly they are just too scary for me to play).

I managed to get almost all of the bonus points, missed a few in two chapters I think. No idea if they matter in anything.
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